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University Colleges Australia

Established 1966

University Colleges Australia is the representative professional body for Heads and Deputies of university residential colleges and halls throughout Australia. 


Through conferences & forums, academic resources, member grants and site visits, UCA delivers services which benefit members’ professional development and in turn helps to create a better collegiate experience for our residential students.  The Executive Committee actively works with our members to help resolve issues and foster an environment for professional growth and support.

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Affiliated Universities


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UCA offers a range of services to its members. All of our offerings share two features: they are developed in consultation with our members and reflect our mission of building better leaders to create better collegiate life in Australia. 

Some of the specific offerings of UCA are:

  • Online networking events with members

  • National conferences 

  • Distribution channels, including job boards

  • Access to bespoke research

  • Professional development seminars

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