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UCA Offerings

Continuing the process of learning is applicable to leaders, just as it is to the people they seek to lead. Professional Development is an integral part of the values promoted through the UCA. 

Opportunities Available to Members

Annual Forum

UCA offers opportunities for advancement and networking through annual conferences. The annual forums and conferences are immersive, in-person opportunities where members learn and share ideas about collegiate life. 

Member Grants

The aim of these grants is to promote the benefits of collegiate residences in and associated with Australian universities.  They seek to foster living and learning environments that support the professional growth and development of collegiate community leaders and, in turn, enhance the student experience.  Better leaders, better collegiate life!

Chapter Visits

Chapter visits provide a valuable opportunity to support members and foster close relations between university colleges. In addition to meeting with College Heads, these visits also provide members of the Executive with the opportunity to meet members of the Senior Executive of the universities and to promote the value of colleges and halls to the educational outcomes and experiences of university students.


Partnerships with related professional membership associations provide members with opportunities to attend high calibre international conferences such as the ACUHO-i conference in Rhode Island. Read Dave Segal's conference report and presentation here. 

Professional Development 

Professional development is offered in multiple ways through UCA. Opportunities available to members include professional mentoring to increase knowledge, skills and expertise, attending masterclasses and presentations by colleagues across Australia, undertaking a research project and receiving financial support, and taking part in various training sessions to learn about leadership in the college sector. 

Professional Resources

UCA members gain access to members-only content, including research papers, info packs and reports on topics such as student life, youth wellbeing, leadership and college programs. Resources can be accessed via the Members' Portal. 

Become a Member

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