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UCA Association Rules

The Following is an overview of the key elements of the Rules for the Association. A full version is available to download via the download button below. 

Rules of University Colleges Australia Incorporated

Primary Purpose

To advance, enhance and promote collegiate education in Australian universities. 


To promote the benefits of collegiate residence in Australian universities

To promote residence as a means to a broad education, including academic, social, cultural and moral development

To enhance the quality of life and welfare of residents in Australian university residential colleges and halls

To promote the Association as the responsible advisory body on matters relating to the purpose and function of university colleges

To recommend fair and equitable conditions of employment for members of the Association

To foster the continuing professional development of the Association's members and their staff

To promote the beneficial and mutual support of members of the Association

To do such other things as may be required to support the achievement of the foregoing Objectives

University Colleges Australia Inc. Corporate Governance Policy 2016

In addition to the Association Rules, the UCA Executive Committee has developed a Corporate Governance Policy on behalf of the Association. This Policy jas been adopted to ensure there is a solid foundation for the Executive Committee and staff (where applicable) to oversee the strategic direction, management and control of the enterprise. A full version is available for download

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