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Lisa Sutherland

Lisa has an extensive education background. She has worked in secondary schools for thirteen years at the start of her career in the curriculum areas of English and Drama, with key roles in pastoral care in boys’ education. In 2003, she moved across into the residential colleges tertiary sector as Head of Philip Baxter College and Vice Principal of The Kensington Colleges, UNSW and is currently the Master of Wesley College at University of Sydney and has been in this role for 13 years. Lisa attended University of Sydney and Wesley College as an undergraduate, studying Arts and then a Diploma of Education. She has also completed a Master of Educational Administration through UNE. She is currently the Chair of the Heads of Colleges at Sydney University, a position she has held twice.

Lisa has had a role on the UCA Executive previously when the Association was known as AHAUCHI. She held the position of Hon. Secretary during the term of the Past Presidents, Hugh Collins and Greg Eddy. Lisa enjoys working alongside the young adults who live within our residential colleges and for them to be able to maximise their potential and achieve their best selves through the supported and enriching environments that a residential living and learning environment can provide.

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