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Dean of Student Wellbeing (St John's College, UQ)

St Lucia QLD, Australia

Job Type



As part of its commitment to providing an outstanding student experience with wellbeing at the centre of all its student programs, St John’s College is appointing a Dean of Student Wellbeing. The position of Dean of Student Wellbeing will attract a person with an empathetic manner and knowledge of wellbeing and pastoral care of young adults. This is a management level position, reporting to the Vice Warden, and supervising an Assistant Dean and a team of student employees. The Dean of Student Wellbeing will support the Vice Warden in implementing the St John’s College student wellbeing program and support the College in its focus on being a wellbeing-centred community.

Job Description

  • Manage the wellbeing program

  • Support the Vice Warden to ensure the provision of outstanding pastoral care to students

  • Work collaboratively with appropriate staff and student leaders to understand and respond to concerns of individual students

  • Advise the Vice Warden of any student issues that may come to their attention

  • Ensure a satisfactory standard of discipline and community morale is maintained

  • Maintain a presence at social, cultural and sporting events of the College

  • When reasonably possible, be present in the dining hall at mealtimes to encourage and/or facilitate interaction between students; attend formal and special dinners

  • Promote student wellbeing on social media

  • Exhibit knowledge and demonstrate the application of College rules, regulations, policies, and procedures

  • Provide support with interviewing prospective students, taking tours, and visiting schools

  • Provide tailored support for marginalised and minority groups of students, and individuals with specific wellbeing needs that require additional assistance

  • Supervise and mentor the Senior Resident Advisors (SRAs) and the Resident Advisor (RA) team

  • Prepare and present reports in relation to the wellbeing program, and other matters as required

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of staff and student training programs

  • Such other duties as may be reasonably required from time to time.


  • A commitment to the Vision and Values of St John’s College

  • A caring and approachable nature with an empathy for tertiary students

  • Team focused and ability to work collaboratively with staff, students, and the wider community

  • Have an active involvement within the student community, attend out of hours events and student activities where required

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

  • Enthusiasm, initiative and a desire to maximise the success of the College and its students.

About Us

St John's College, within the University of Queensland, is a residential college which offers students the ideal transition from formal education into the professional world. We are a diverse, caring and cohesive community that fosters the growth and development of each individual through an exciting and stimulating range of activities and experiences. We support our students so that they develop into self-aware, passionate, courageous and confident adults who are ready to lead and serve. Enrich your university experience and discover your potential at St John's College

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