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Joanna Rosewell

Ms Joanna Rosewell, BA (Hons), CTEFLA, Post.Grad.Appl.Ling. (TESOL), MJ, Cert. Fundraising
Principal, Jane Franklin Hall, The University of Tasmania

Joanna Rosewell is the Principal of Jane Franklin Hall, University of Tasmania. After a career teaching, managing and teacher training in the international student and adult learning sectors, she returned to study to complete a Masters in Journalism, Media and Communications with a focus on public relations. These studies led to her second career working in marketing, business development and communications with disability organisations. A former Jane resident herself, Joanna re-engaged with the College in 2012, co-organising a reunion for over 200 former Jane residents. From there, she was elected a member of the College Council, a role which morphed into her third career of Principal. Joanna absolutely loves her job, believing that Colleges are communities which genuinely support young adults at a critical – and often confusing – life stage.

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